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Reverand...Reverand Is this some conspiracy? Crucified for no sins An image..beneath me. I submit my plans for life It all seems so unreal I'm a man couldn't have half of his world.. Left in misery... Reverand he turned to me Without a tear in his eye Nothing new for him to see I didn't ask him why... I will remember the love Our souls had sworn to make Now I watch the falling rain All my mind can see now is your face... Well I guess you took my youth I gave it all away Like the birth of a newfound joy This love would end in rage And when she died I couldn't cry The pride within my soul You left me incomplete All alone As the memories now unfold Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder outloud If you're watching over me From someplace far abound I must reverse my life I can't live in the past Then set my soul free Belong to me at last... Through all those complex years I thought I was alone I didn't care to look around And make this world my own And when she died I should've cried And spared myself some pain Left me incomplete All alone as memories still remain. The way we were The chance to save my soul And now my concern is now in vain Believe my word I will unlock my door And pass the cemetary gates... ~PANTERA '90~