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Well the first time that I saw you
You were runnin with the wrong crowd
With your head up in a dark cloud.
You know I had this funny feeling
That you were gunnin for trouble..
But I never knew..
So here I go runnin after you

Hello..Hello Miss Mystery
Here you are so far from me
Someday..Miss Mystery
You'll spare me all this misery...

We had a big misunderstanding
You said that love can tie you down
You tell me you can't hang around
And now it's getting too demanding
Yeah you're bringin me down..
You're playin your game..
I'm tied to the tracks..
Just waiting for the train..

Hello..Hello Miss Mystery
Here I am..What's left of me'll set me free
And spare me all this misery..

So I had this funny feeling
I should forget about you
Don't wanna pretend
Now here we are..
Right back where we began
Hello..Hello..Miss Mystery...


While on the road touring in 1985, I met a girl.
Actually a lady...She was so sweet and innocent.
I fell for her from the first time I saw her...
This song came out at the same time, everywhere I
went..this song reminded me of her and how much
I missed her... Unfortunatley..I lost her.
One lesson learned of
You don't know what you have till it's gone...