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You have reached Draven's Edge...
My little corner of the cyberspace.
Here you will know what I cherish...
what I adore, everything I have been blessed with...
and I am so grateful for.

A little about me...
I was always the wild child. The kid who
cut class to hang out under a shade tree,
play my guitar, or just cruise around and
listen to my favorite jams in a '73 VW Beetle
that was more primer than paint...
but it did have a smokin stereo!

With a notebook covered with my favorite
bands like KISS, Van Halen, AC/DC and
Judas Priest, my leather jacket and long hair...
It was ME against the world!!!

I literally grew up a loner, but...
No one was going to tell me what I could
do with my was MY life.

My mind was made up after daily doses of
Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slade and
Alice Cooper...
But it wasn't until 1977,
when I seen my first concert..
I was hooked...
The following day, the music still ringing
in my ears, I went to the local music store
and traded my guitar for a bass and have
played ever since.
I shyed away from drugs and the idiots
around me who did them,
away from the jocks and the jerks,
the deadheads and the braindeads
and put my head into my music.

It took a little while, but soon my parents
supported my new love and became
totally behind me...Except for a
few bouts of.."Turn that damn thing down!"
That and the fact my brother's 70's platform
shoes and zinc oxide would constantly dissapear
just before my friend's basement KISS concerts..

After getting my heart broke a few times
while growing up and being a different breed
of teenager growing up in a crappy little city
...I kicked back and found one
true love...
It was always there, whether I was
locked in my bedroom,
cruising around, whether I was happy or sad
...IT was there.

In the words of David Lee Roth, "A rear-view
mirror is not to see where you've been...
It's to see how good you look
as you're getting there."

That's why this page is dedicated to the
music that kept me from growing up unhappy and alone..
and made me what I am today...

Stay heavy,
This page is dedicated to music
and the music fan...

~My Inner Selves~

very cool souls have entered since the
last time this page screwed up..

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