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If you like classic gothic metal delivered by a 
first rate band(with a sly sense of humor) then this
release delivers.
The singer has an expressive banshee-like howl
that only a band of this force can support.
On the song "Bitch" (the centerpiece in the song cycle
that earns this release it's name) the bass and drums
lock into tight fast rhythms that would seem to leave no 
air in the mix, until the lead guitarfinds a way to burn
in and out and dance all through the sonic fortress.
This moment anticipates the huge close with 
"Suffocation", in which machinegun rhythms mount
to an apocolyptic furor.
Danny Alexander

Respected Kansas City metallers Darkside have a
sound reminiscent of Sanctuary and Nevermore by
virtue of thier vocalist, although perhaps with a more
subdued singing style.
This latest demo has 5 songs of well constructed
power metal, the best being the final two, "October Moon"
and "Suffocation". A couple start off a little slow with
acoustic beginnings, but once the power chords strike
there's no turning back. This band comes off even better live.
On a whole this is a solid, promising effort.
Robert Fecik
Interdisciplinary Journal of Metal